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Staryye Dorogi District Executive Committee
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Russia accounts for more than 35% of the foreign trade turnover of Minsk region - Nikolay Rogashchuk


42 agreements on cooperation have been concluded between Minsk Oblast and the regions of the Russian Federation. More than a hundred such documents were signed at the regional level. Such data, speaking at the section of the 7th Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia, was given by the Deputy Chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Nikolai Rogashchuk, according to MLYN.BY.

In just the first half of 2020, the volume of foreign trade turnover of Minsk Oblast and the Russian Federation exceeded two billion dollars. Most often, the Minsk region supplies to the Russian Federation cars and their components, medicines, plant protection products. In total, more than 80 commodity items from the Minsk region are presented on the Russian market. Cars, chemical fertilizers, household chemicals and other Russian-made products are in demand in the central region. Nevertheless, according to Nikolai Rogashchuk, the potential for cooperation between the Minsk region and the regions of the Russian Federation is much higher.

- We need to bring bilateral cooperation to a qualitatively new level. So far, we basically continue to be only trading partners. And I would like to have more joint projects, - said the deputy chairman of the regional executive committee.

As a positive experience of fruitful cooperation, he cited the example of the creation of the "AUGUST-BEL" enterprise. In this case, investments from the Russian firm "August" were attracted.

- And now one of the largest CIS manufacturers of plant protection chemicals operates in the central region. For seven months of this year, export of products amounted to $ 64.7 million. I would like to note that both sides, both Belarusian and Russian, have good dividends,” Nikolai Rogashchuk emphasized.

Other projects have been successfully implemented as well. In particular, the construction of a plant for the production of materials based on gypsum in the village of Gatovo. The volume of investments in this case amounted to about 67 million euros. 210 jobs were created.

“These are just some of the many successful joint projects that have been implemented in the region,” added Nikolai Rogashchuk.

In addition, programs of long-term cooperation between large industrial enterprises of the region with Russian partners continue to operate. For example, the Avtokomponenty holding in Borisov cooperates with the enterprises of the GAZ group and the KAMAZ group of companies.

“I think this direction of creating chains of cooperation between large Belarusian and Russian corporations and holdings is correct and promising in the future,” stressed the deputy chairman of the regional executive committee.

In general, a favorable investment climate has been created in the Minsk region. Thus, residents of the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park are provided with unprecedented benefits. In particular, there is no need to pay income tax for 10 years. And until 2062, there is a rule according to which residents are exempted from paying real estate and land tax. Several projects have already been implemented or are being implemented with the participation of Russian capital in the industrial park. Significant preferences exist for residents of the free economic zone "Minsk".

- It can be noted that recently the business climate has become much more favorable. Those who open enterprises in small towns and rural areas receive a special benefit, - said Nikolay Rogashchuk.

Industrial cooperation is just one of the vectors of broad interaction that the Minsk region can carry out at the regional level. The implementation of international educational projects, holding various conferences, exhibitions, and organizing internships are no less important. This will contribute to the innovative development of the education system in both countries. By the way, educational institutions of the Minsk region cooperate with colleagues from 23 Russian regions.

- Also, for many years, within the framework of cultural cooperation, touring exchanges have been carried out, festivals, plein airs, competitions and other events are held, both in our region and in the regions of the Russian Federation. Contacts are well established in the field of physical culture and sports. Schoolchildren and students of the Minsk region regularly take part in various sports competitions, - said Nikolai Rogashchuk.

The deputy chairman of the regional executive committee summed up: Minsk region has always been and will be open for joint and mutually beneficial work with Russian regions.

- We have already achieved good results. Nevertheless, I believe that we are still far from reaching our full potential. And it is in this kind of work that we need to achieve success, ”concluded Nikolai Rogashchuk.