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Staryye Dorogi District Executive Committee
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Absolute priority for spending budget funds - social, transport and engineering infrastructure


This opinion was expressed today by the chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Alexander Turchin during the grand opening of the preschool child development center in Ivenets.

The need to build a new kindergarten in Ivenets has long been ripe. The only working preschool institution in the urban village "Nursery-garden" Lesovichok "is located in an adapted room built in 1938, a former building of a bone-tuberculosis sanatorium. Its planning structure does not meet the requirements of sanitary norms and rules. And the technical equipment is outdated. The construction of such an object, so necessary for Ivenets, was planned for 2012, but the business has stalled. They returned to the question only at the end of last year. In December, the builders began to implement the project, the total cost of which amounted to 10.4 million rubles. The amount is very impressive and unaffordable for the Volozhin region and specifically Ivenets, where over the past year tax receipts to the local budget from all categories of taxpayers amounted to less than 700 thousand rubles. Funds from the republican and regional budgets were used.

And today the preschool institution has opened its doors for young children. Moreover, this is not just a kindergarten, but a real center for child development.

As the deputy head of the center, Tatyana Skiba, said, in the near future he will receive 222 pupils. 11 groups have already been formed.

- The old kindergarten is attended by 185 small residents of Ivenets and 11 nearby settlements. The rest of the children are taken to the Sivetsky Criminal Procedure Code on a school bus. Of course, this is inconvenient both for the kids themselves and for their parents. The new one has a place for every child. And if we take into account what conditions have been created there, I can only be glad for the pupils and for the teaching staff. By the way, my three-year-old son Maxim is looking forward to the move with great delight. The other day I showed him a new kindergarten and he did not want to leave for a long time. I really liked the "filling".

Indeed, the preschool institution has turned out to be very modern and creative, from its appearance to the technical equipment. For the all-round development of children, the center provides physical education, training, music, choreographic and computer classes, a sensory room, a design studio, a lounge area, a swimming pool, and a correctional and pedagogical assistance point. Conditions have been created for the provision of a range of additional educational services. Including for children with special needs.

There is a playground in the courtyard of the center, which has already been chosen by local children and their parents.

Three children are being brought up in the family of Oksana Rozhek, a resident of Ivenets, the youngest Yaroslava is expecting to be able to go to a new kindergarten.

- The opening of a kindergarten for our urban village is a very significant and long-awaited event. I am glad that children will now attend a modern preschool institution. The kid is capricious, does not always want to get up in the morning and go to the garden, but now I am sure there will not be such a problem. And, of course, I would like to thank the regional authorities for not disregarding the urgent issue for the town and for completing the construction of the kindergarten.

In the near future, new preschool institutions will appear in other districts of the region, where there is an urgent need for them. According to Alexander Turchin, 7 more kindergartens will be commissioned in the Minsk region by the end of the year.

- We, of course, will not stop there. This year, the construction of several more facilities for preschool and secondary education and healthcare has begun. A typical kindergarten, for example, costs an average of 9.5 million rubles. A lot of money. But this is an investment in the future and you cannot save money here. In general, we set the task in the next two or three years to solve infrastructure problems in the spheres of education, health care and culture. We shouldn't forget about the latter either, - stressed the head of the central region.