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Service "We need each other" is being implemented in the Minsk region

In the territorial centers of social services for the population of the Minsk region, it is planned to introduce a mutual assistance service "We need each other". BelTA learned from the head of the department of state social support and social services of the committee on labor, employment and social protection of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Marina Gurchenko.

"This year the direction" We need each other "began to develop.If previously only employees of the territorial social service center helped orphans, now older people have joined, who come to the day care centers at the centers. experience can, for example, teach to spend money consciously or prepare simple meals.And young people will tell how to handle equipment and use an ATM.These generations need each other. territorial centers of Krupsky and Smolevichi districts, we plan to extend it across the region, "said Marina Gurchenko.

Among the already implemented directions, social tourism and Scandinavian walking are popular. According to the expert, these classes allow you to keep fit, make new acquaintances.

85 elderly citizens of the central region are provided with 85 clubs and over 110 interest groups, which are visited by almost 1,1 thousand and about 1,25 thousand people, respectively. The most popular areas are literary and poetic and green living rooms, chess clubs. In the future - the creation of self-help groups, social and legal assistance, the organization of events aimed at meeting spiritual and sociocultural needs.

In addition, Marina Gurchenko noted, over the last two years, the demand for day care for needy elderly people has increased, during which they can receive social, consulting, information, psychological, mediation, rehabilitation, pedagogical services. So, in 2016, 13 people received the service, in 2017 - 25. This year, only for January-May it was used by 25 citizens.

In total, there are 23 day care centers in the region with territorial social service centers. Their regular visitors are more than 1,260 people, 7% are single citizens. The majority of 60-70 years (58%). The smallest percentage of those whose age has passed for 80 years - 108 people, or 8.5%.

Support for lonely citizens, disabled people, WWII veterans and other people in need is provided by both territorial centers and volunteers. In particular, the speech is about the initiative group "You are not alone", created on the basis of the Zhodino branch of elderly people's stay in 2014. Today the organization has 16 volunteers, each of them has an average of three wards. During the period of the group's activity, over 4,000 home visits were organized for social and domestic assistance. Concert and creative programs, thematic actions, charitable departures and creative master classes also took place.

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