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Today early voting began in Belarus for the election of deputies of local councils of deputies of the twenty-eighth convocation. It is possible to vote ahead of schedule by February 17 inclusive. The main voting day is February 18.

On February 13, they opened their doors to those wishing to vote ahead of schedule and all the polling stations in the Vileika region. Anna Petrovna Shepeleva, the chairman of the regional council of veterans, the honored worker of Vileischyna to the Youth site for voting number 5, which is located in the building of TsFOR "Saturn", came first. And this, of course, speaks of her active civic position.

"I came to the early voting," said Anna Petrovna, "because I am an observer in the district election commission for the election of deputies of the regional Council for the city constituency No. 3 and will be there on the main election day, so I decided to vote in advance. I have already decided who to vote for. I believe that the elections are an event that is worthy of attention of every inhabitant of Vileischina, because the quality of our life largely depends on the people we have chosen. Why do I think so?

It so happened that all my conscious life, already more than fifty years, I participate in a selective campaign. Was a member of the precinct election commission, secretary of the precinct election commission in the Palace of Culture, many years - the chairman of the same site. At one time she was a deputy of the city and district Soviets, she was an observer in the district commission, and now she is in the district commission. Everyone who comes to the polling station ahead of schedule or on election day, hopes for something.

My main expectations are that the vileycans can walk on the well-groomed streets and sidewalks illuminated in the dark, so that the children spend time on the equipped playgrounds, and the courtyard territories, like the city itself, were landscaped. To ensure the welfare of each family was stable, and in homes there was peace and harmony. I want the deputies to pay more attention to veterans - participants of the Great Patriotic War, soldiers-internationalists, as well as veterans of labor who have given much energy for the prosperity of our city.

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