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Pull the Kolyada Up the Oak rite

Belarusians celebrated the ancient Pull the Kolyada Up the Oak' rite in the village of Noviny, Berezina region

International recognition of environmental standards in China-Belarus industrial park

The China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone is the first one in Belarus to get an Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) certificate of the European Union as a testimony to the park's exemplary environmental standards

The share of the Minsk Regional Customs in revenues from the activities of customs authorities in 2017 reached 52%

The share of the Minsk Regional Customs (MRI) in revenues from customs activities in 2017 reached 52%, BelTA learned in the MRI.

Minsk Regional Customs for 2017 transferred to the budget by Br68 million more than in 2016.

The declaration of goods in the MRI was carried out by more than 19 thousand subjects of foreign economic activity. At the same time, 98% of declarations for goods were submitted by participants in foreign economic activity in electronic form.

In the Minsk region more than 120 objects offer their services to lovers of active winter recreation

In Minsk region, more than 120 sport objects offer their services to lovers of active winter recreation, BelTA learned from the regional educational and methodological center of physical education of the population.

It is planned that in the near future in the areas will start working 26 ice rinks, 45 hockey boxes, as well as 51 ski runs. Frozen weather has already allowed to open skating rinks for all comers in the city stadiums in Vileyka and Slutsk.

"Zhodzinskiy kirmash" opens new season of republican fairs in Minsk region

The IVth Republican exhibition-fair "Zhodzinskiy kirmash" starts another season of similar events in the Minsk region, BelTA learned from Vitaly Zhuk, head of the department for advertising, publishing, information and public relations of the Minsk branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry .

Universal exhibition-fair will be held in Zhodino on January 17-20 and will be organized in the Culture Palace of BelAZ OJSC (Derevianko St.

Minsk region is capable of doubling the pace of development - Russy

Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Rusy is convinced that the Minsk region is capable of doubling the pace of social and economic development in the next two decades. He stated this today to journalists during solemn events dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the formation of the region, BelTA has learned.

The Vice Premier wished the Minsk region not only to maintain high results of development in various spheres on the level achieved in recent history, but also to increase them.

More than 170 investment projects are planned to be implemented in the Minsk region in 2018

Over 170 investment projects are planned to be implemented in the Minsk region in 2018, Anatoly Isachenko, chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, said in an interview with the newspaper "SB Belarus Today."

"Over 170 investment projects are planned for implementation in 2018. We plan to attract $ 195 million of direct foreign investments," the chairman of the regional executive committee said.

Trade unions helped to protect the interests of more than 9,000 workers in the agro-industrial complex of the Minsk region in three years

The Minsk regional organization of the Belarusian Trade Union of Agro-Industrial Workers (APK) over the past three years has helped to protect labor rights and legitimate socio-economic interests of more than 9,000 people, BelTA learned from the Minsk regional union of trade unions.

In particular, during 2015-2017, workers of the agro-industrial complex with the help of trade unions returned illegally withheld or unpaid money in the amount of Br533 thousand.

The Minsk region in 2018 plans to increase exports of goods and services by 4%

The Minsk region plans to increase exports of goods by 4% (excluding republican organizations, oil and oil products) in 2018, as well as 4% export of services (excluding republican organizations) to the level of 2017, BelTA learned from the Economy Committee Of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee.

"The value of exports of goods in the region in 2018 is expected at $ 4.5 billion. Export of services is projected at $ 570.

Celebration of Christmas carols in Minsk region will complete the authentic ceremony in Berezinsky district

The celebration of the Christmas carols in the Minsk region will end with an authentic ceremony "Drawing a Kolyada on an oak tree" in the Berezinsky district, BelTA learned from the Minsk regional center of folk art.

Unique ceremony of the wires Kolyad, listed in the list of historical and cultural values ​​of the country, is annually held in the village Noviny on January 21 and is an ethnic feature of the village, although it was once distributed almost throughout the district.

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